AAI Corporation RQ-7 "Shadow 200" UAS

The approximately $300,000 “Shadow 200” UAV from AAI Corporation. The above photograph of the Shadow 200 was kindly supplied by Jim Christner at AAI Corporation.

Shadow 200 ground control

The ground control system from http://www.14cav.org/w3-d-intro.html

Shadow 200 data used in UAV Design Guidelines

wingspan 4.27m
length 3.41m
take off weight 170kg
frame weight 95.8kg
fuel weight 33kg
payload weight 27.2kg
avionics weight 3.3kg
engine capacity 208cc
endurance speed 86kph
cruise speed 111Kph
max speed 194Kph
max altitude 15,000ft
endurance 7hrs
operational range 125km