Dragon Eye

This photo is of the Dragon Eye UAV system at work in Fallujah. Photo by LTC Norm Root.

Each $100,000 Dragon Eye unit has three aircraft, a ground control station (radio transmitter / receiver, laptop) and maintenance equipment. Operator's training requires less than a week, for soldiers to be able to operate them.

The new system, currently under development, will have a new Level-4 compliant communications control board, with 16 software selectable channels, for uplink and downlink, twice the current capacity.

Dragon Eye

from http://www.defense-update.com/products/d/dragoneyes.htm

Photo from Dragon Eye

from http://www.strategypage.com/gallery/articles/military_photos_20052111.asp

Dragon Eye UA Data

wingspan 1.1m
length 0.9m
weight 2.7kg
endurance speed 130kph
cruise speed 35Kph
max speed 65Kph
max altitude 900ft
endurance 1hr