WaveMaker LAYOUT

WaveMaker LAYOUT will enable you to create the layout of:

  • single and multi-layer printed circuit board metallisation patterns
  • semiconductor devices, such as laser and photodiodes
  • integrated optics elements
  • GaAs and Si monolithic microwave integrated circuits
  • test fixtures

The software runs on a Personal Computer, under Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7, and supports the import and export of layout data, in the following formats:

  • AutoCAD DXF revisions 12 and 14
  • Calma GDS II Stream
  • Gerber (not RS 273)
  • HPGL
wavemaker circuit design software

WaveMaker LAYOUT features

  • xlock points entered to the grid, or, to an angle relative to the last point
  • define structures 1 nm wide, 1 meter long, or, anything in between
  • locate patterns on any or several of the 64 layers available
  • rotate, or, flip selected shapes at any angle (e.g. 1.2345 degrees)
  • delete, copy, or, array selected objects (paths, polygons and cells)
  • polygon merge, slice, cutout and oversize (as in over/under expose)
wavemaker circuit design software
  • drag selected shapes: on dropping them, have them snap into place
  • generate array auto-numbering (e.g. for chip numbering)
  • hop from cell to cell, creating designs with up to 20 hierarchy levels
  • clip together structures, to create an integrated optics circuit layout
  • view the last 300 commands and system messages
  • UNDO the effects of the previous command (not all commands)
  • get help on commands using the hypertext help system
  • display the co-ordinates of selected polygons
wavemaker circuit design software
  • set the Y/X viewing aspect ratio from
  • ... with the option of having different values in the X and Y direction 0.001 to 1000.0
  • define the functions associated with the mouse and F keys
  • snap to nearest point on nearest line, to vertex or line centre
  • ... with the option of going down cell hierarchy or not
wavemaker circuit design software
  • toggle between full screen and split screen representation
  • ... with each screen being in either graphics, or, text display mode
  • define layer colours, names, fill styles and display status (ON or OFF)
  • save the current system configuration for re-use at a later date
  • access a text file editor, capable of editing two files side by side
wavemaker circuit design software
  • run user defined files, containing WaveMaker command sequences
  • add user-defined functions in interpreted BASIC
  • re-arrange the location of commands within menus to suit you
  • create raster scan Gerber output simulate Gerber exposure
  • export drilling information, in the Excellon format
  • export data in the Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) format
wavemaker user interface
  • create a laser plot to the resolution of the laser printer
  • import and export data in HP-GL, DXF, IGES, Gerber, GDS II formats
  • simulate Gerber photo-tool exposure
  • switch window display to monochrome mode, prior to screen capture
  • remove the menus and define the window caption