Software Support

Address Unit 4
44-54 Coleridge Road
London, N8 8ED
United Kingdom
Telephone +44 208 245 6226
Fax +44 208 245 6946

Please supply the following information when requesting software support

  • operating system: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • dongle type: LPT or USB
  • printout of the last 10 entries from the file called wamerror.log
  • location (ie path) of the executable software
  • location (ie. path) of the working directory

Some things to check first

If WaveMaker comes up in "Basic" mode, and you have a security key ("dongle") attached, then here are some things you could first check:

  • is the executable software located in a directory where the names of the directories contain no spaces?
    • C:\WAM as a directory name is fine
    • C:\Program Files as a directory name is not fine: the directory name contains a space.
  • is the environment variable WAMHOME set?
  • does the wamkey.dat file exist in the same directory as the executable code?
  • does the wamkey.dat file contain a set of valid ID numbers?
  • have you run the Aladdin Knowledge Systems security key installation software? This needs to be run each time the software is updated, and there are versions for bith the older, larger, security key that plugs into the LPT port, and for the USB key
  • does your computer have a virus? The security key software will not run on a computer that has a virus.