Team Barnard

Barnard unmanned helicopter and aircraft

The Barnard Team used helicopters and a CropCam aircraft. The delta wing plane was flown at a nearby test site.

Team Cortex

Cortex unmanned aircraft Cortex unmanned aircraft

Team Cortex vertical take and landing aircraft.

Team I-Spy

I-Spy vehicles

The team I-SPY triple co-axial rotorcraft.

Team Locust

No images of the vehicles used by the Team Locust.

Team Mindsheet

Mindsheet vehicles

Team Mindsheet used agile road vehicles.

Team Mira

No images of the vehicles used by the MIRA Team.

Team Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley unmanned aircraft

The Nebula glider used by the Silicon Valley Team.

Team Stellar

Stellar delta wing plane

The delta wing plane used by the winning Stellar Team.

Team Swarm

Swarm quadcopter

The quadrotor used by the Swarm Systems Team.

Team Thales (T3)

Thales ground vehicle

Thales used both a ground vehicle and the Maxi Joker 2 helicopter.

Thales helicopter

Team Tumbleweed

Tumbleweed multirotor

The six rotor air vehicle used by the Team Tumbleweed.

Tumbleweed vehicle

The ground vehicle used by the Team Tumbleweed.